I realize now that my take on making a mix has totally changed over the years. It used to be I was so concerned with my mixing skills (which are better than ever) and making the mix just so, the transitions thought out and perfectly choreographed into a tight, 60-something minute audio CD. Painstakingly tracked out and given to friends, I envisioned it as a sweep that had to be taken all at once.

But over the years, I’ve realized how people actually listen to music isn’t always conducive to this school of thought. People will have songs they like (and don’t like) and will skip forward or loop back. It doesn’t always get listened to the way I imagined it.

So now, I get to the point where I’m making mixes of songs I enjoy for their own sake. I sometimes come across songs that I haven’t played in years and remember how much I loved it to distraction (over and over, on repeat) back in the day and feel that thrill all over again. I find obscure versions of songs that better suit my mood, and savor the idea that someone will be surprised and entertained by what they find. The mix becomes a vehicle of discovery and sharing music, and if some of the songs aren’t loved by someone who listens, I know that most of them will (hopefully all, of course). So with that in mind, I’ve made what is probably my own version of “Another Late Night” or “Back To Mine.” I decided to go with MP3 since I’m not wedded to transitions (although I did put a lot of thought into sequencing) and I can put well over 60 minutes of music on a single disc.

My main goal with this is to share music with people who are friends. I have an idea of who’s going to get a copy, and there’s a mix of people who will probably be familiar with every song and some who haven’t heard over half of what’s there. But my friends are cool, and like-minded musically (I’m old enough now to know they’re not necessarily the same thing) and I think they’ll enjoy most of what’s there. Hopefully every person who listens will get something new for them, and more songs they listen to than skip. If nothing else, there will be some new songs in your MP3 collection, some of which are really obscure or out of print. I’m not sure if they’ll be as cool as “Roadrunner” (from Fatboy Slim’s “Late Night Tales” compilation, which is excellent, and heavily used by me at the Cantab on a regular basis), but they might be. Maybe.

If you’ve already given me a message with your address, I’ll be sending a copy on to you. Some people will get other things in their package that I think they might like. In every case, there’s a lot of love in every package, and it’s all for you, baby.

DJ Muse


So I decided to make a mix for my friends at the Cantab.  Some people have been asking me for a while now for some of the music that I play during the pre- and post-show sessions.  So when the Slam Master said she was making a mix, I thought she meant a CD, and had to jump and finally get that mix done that I’d been thinking about.  I wanted to bring something to the people who’d be there on the 23rd, and I was going to do a mix.

Of course, I had to do it in my usual, hurried manner, and I decided to make the mix on Wednesday afternoon.  From start to finish, the mixing process took less than two hours.  But since I’d done it so late in the day, I had to do the post-mix work and burn the CDs without having time to listen to a finished CD before I burned copies for everyone.  I’ve been using an add-on to Toast called CD Spin Doctor to break up the finished file into tracks, and obviously this time I fumbled something somewhere in the process.  So when I was driving to the Cantab, listening to what I’d done, I realized tracks 8 and 9 were switched around.  It was something in the Spin Doctor editing, because each track had the right name for where it was on the CD, but the audio there was the wrong track.  As I said on the open mic (and to everyone who got a copy), 8 is actually 9 and 9 is 8.  Unless you have CD-text, you won’t see those track names, though.

So, there’s a new mix for everyone.  I called it “A Few of My Favorite Things” and that’s what it is.  There are tracks that will be familiar to anyone who’s a regular at the Boston Poetry Slam at the Cantab Lounge.  There are old tracks and new (thank you to Giant Step and SPECTRE for their continuing support, still bringing me sweet tunes after all these years), and the finished project is something I enjoy listening to – I think you will, too.

There’s a high quality version as well as a low-res version for those with slower internet connections (I know you’re still out there!).

Here’s the track listing, mostly because my obsessive nature is still smarting about those copies with the mixed up tracks.  Luckily, the tracks in question have vocals, and for that reason, you’ll easily tell where the mixup is if you have one of those CDs.  What I recommended for those who have it is to burn another copy with tracks 8 and 9 reversed, or to make a playlist in iTunes and switch them to get the correct track order.

A Few of My Favorite Things
A Holiday Mix for the Cantab Lounge Family

  1. Dark Days (Spoken For Mix) – DJ Shadow
  2. Burn Out – Cinematic Orchestra
  3. Passion – Nightmares on Wax
  4. Rabbit In Your Headlights – UNKLE
  5. Ultra Light (Sustenance Mix) – The Angel
  6. Brother Where Are You (Matthew Herbert Mix) – Oscar Brown, Jr.
  7. This Room (Best 7 Version) – Fat Freddy’s Drop
  8. All That Glitters – Death In Vegas
  9. Breakfast Club (feat Murs & Supernatural) – Z-Trip
  10. Stiff Jazz – dZihan & Kamien
  11. Foreign Bodies – Herbert
  12. Agua – DJ Food

Here’s hoping everyone had a wonderful holiday season, and I’m looking forward to seeing you at the Cantab in 2010!

DJ Muse


Yes, things are happening here in Muse-land. I’ve got two gigs during the Floating World event.  I’ll be playing downtempo/chillout sets as part of the “AfterCare” parties from 3-5A on August 22 and August 23 (late night Friday and Saturday).  For a long time now, I’d hoped to find a way to combine my fascination with fetish and my love of music and being a DJ.  This is the first chance I’ve had to put my own stamp on an event, and I feel like it’s a perfect fit.

This event is closed to registration – they actually sold out all 1200 admissions (yes, it’s that big) two weeks before it started.  Sorry!  But if this goes well, it might lead to something else in the future.  If you’re going to be there, some see me in the pool area of the Sheraton (private party open to Floating World attendees only) and enjoy the laid-back, lovely grooves.

Don’t forget, I’ve got Atman – a DJ Muse Mix for you to listen to as you’re going about the last of your summer.  It’s great music for an evening relaxing on the back porch or with your sweetie.  Personally, it makes me think of Germany.  *smile*

As always – thanks for listening!

~ DJ Muse