These are some mixsets for promotional use only. Please let me know if you enjoy them.


“Boom” – Breaks mix┬áThis mix…I found it on my computer when I was consolidating files from the three or four computers I’ve used for music in the last decade and then some. Damn, I’m old. Anyways, this is from probably around 2001-2002 and I’m actually not unhappy with it (unusual!). I can’t remember if it was one of the “Trinity” mixes or just something else. It’s got some fun stuff on it, including (of course) some Chemical Brothers (one of my favorite B-sides) and the Propellerheads among other things. Something to make you want to dance.

Atman – a DJ Muse Mix The first mix I created after a very long break, it’s a meditation on the power we have to reach the creative energy that drives us. I’ve been doing a lot of personal exploration, soul-searching and discovery of my true nature, and this is a reflection on this place in my life’s journey. Plus, it’s really sweet and mellow and you could listen to it while making out. *grin*

Eris, Aphrodite and Athena a fresh take on the old “breakup/get over it” mix tape. Bonus points if you understand how the listing of Greek mythological figures in this title explain the mix. Otherwise, just enjoy!

The Fairer Sex? (30 minute mix) Electro/house/breaks mix

Mix for Loopz Radio Drum ‘n Bass (not the usual variety, though!)

Retroelectromix Vol. 1 Retro, electroclash, techno, breaks…

Trinity Sessions Vol. 2 My take on downtempo – hands down winner award of the “most stolen by a friend because they liked it so much” mix.

Live Sets

AfterCare party at Floating World 2009, 8/21/09 Poolside at the afterparty thrown by Fetish Tribe NYC – Friday night/Saturday morning set. This night was more lively than originally envisioned – people playing water volleyball and dancing next to the pool. So the set, as is my custom, varied accordingly.

AfterCare party at Floating World 2009, 8/22/09 Poolside at the afterparty thrown by Fetish Tribe NYC – Saturday night/Sunday morning set. This was the original vibe they’d planned for this party. After two nights of playing at Floating World, people were ready for a laid-back, lovely vibe. As the DJ, it was my job to deliver it. Mission accomplished!

Live @ the Java Hut 5/23/05 This is what I play when I mix “downtempo” so it’s a lot of jazzy, laid-back stuff with the occasional odd left turn. Remember, this is a live set in a coffee house where people talked my ear off while I was trying to mix, so it’s not perfect – but captures the live feel perfectly.

Live Set – Memphis, 3/15/03 One of my favorite performances…has it really been that long? Time Flies!

Please note, all my mixes are done live in one take. I figure if you wanted a perfect mix created with ProTools, you wouldn’t need a DJ. But if you want to hear how I really sound, this is it. My “official mixes” may be recorded more than once till I get the right take, but all I do is process for gain. Live mixes are just that. If you book me based on my mixes, you can rest assured this is how I will perform when I play your event).

I’ll get off the soapbox now (yes, I’m short).

I’d like to thank everyone who’s come to visit my site, danced or listened at a gig (it’s okay if you can’t dance!) or just let me know that you enjoy what I do. I truly appreciate it. Here’s to making some great music!