After a year of living in the woods of Northern Vermont, I can report that I am still really, really happy that we moved here.

We had a winter with a lot of snow. The locals say it was the kind of snow they remember from when they were young. The spring came a couple weeks late, and summer had maybe two weeks where it got hot enough to consider using the A/C.

Living somewhere where it gets cool at night in the summer is a welcome change from the days of heat island swelter on city summer nights.

Living somewhere I can see the Milky Way spread across the sky like a cascading cloud is still awe-inspiring. Every night I can see the stars (sometimes there are clouds) is an opportunity to remind myself how hard we worked to get here and appreciate where we landed.

The house has gotten a new heating system (replaced an oil boiler with much more efficient propane heat) and is getting a second bathroom in a couple of weeks (the part plumbers have to do – we’ve been working on the actual carpentry and electric for a while now). I’ve been staining shingles we got from Maine (they actually came with a truck and delivered them to my house) and we’re almost ready to install them on the first part of the house we’re re-shingling. The windows and sliding door in the basement are in the process of being replaced – two windows down and a door and window left to install (in the place of the opening where the sliding glass door is now).

Did I mention we’re doing most of this ourselves? We spent the first year getting the feel of the house and updating the heating system. We’ve started the projects we want and there are a lot of them. But we’re also enjoying life, listening to a lot of jazz (did I mention I got a couple of saxophones and am starting to play again?) and trying to keep ourselves as sane as possible in a crazy world getting crazier every day.




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