So, only the second month of the year. Already been skiing and snowshoeing this year. I’ve been working in my studio, and went back and re-encoded everything in FLAC format, reconfiguring hard drives, and playing with the AKAI APC-40 I got for Christmas/my birthday. Did I mention I have the best father-in-law ever? He asked what I wanted, something I wouldn’t have bought for myself, and that was something I’d wanted. It’s amazing how well it plays with Live, and it’s also configurable for pretty much whatever you want to do with it.

When I re-encoded, I turned a more critical eye to what I wanted to keep as far as physical media and and digital format. There was so much I’d gotten as promos that I hadn’t listened to in years and couldn’t even remember what it was. A lot of it didn’t hold my interest when I listened to it again, so I am recycling a lot of plastic.

The most CDs from one artist in my collection? Depeche Mode. Not surprising at all. So many singles, so many versions. I was heavy into the CD format when all of that stuff was coming out in the late 80s and 90s, so there’s a lot in my collection.

So many artists I really love and hadn’t been listening to in a while. Pop Will Eat Itself – so good. Having two CD drives helps the encoding go faster. Getting rid of things you don’t need gets easier the more you do it.

I’m looking forward to actually making more mixes. I love the idea that all of my music is encoded in a lossless format (that I can use in Traktor). I’ll be doing a serious cull for what goes onto my laptop, but the concept of having everything be excellent audio quality – I really believe that’s important.

I’ve been in the studio every day for a few weeks now. Maybe I’ll add the web entries to the studio process so I post more often. Maybe there will even be mixes…or who knows….

Have a wonderful winter – and enjoy the snow if you have it where you are (or the sun if you’re in the opposite hemisphere). It’s a lot easier to put up with cold if you know it means fun outside.


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