You know it’s bad when you’re bitching about the insane heat on Facebook one minute and the next you look at your webpage and see a message about ski season. Oh, ski season, how you utterly failed me this year.

But really, I’ve been busy. House-type busy. Finished tiling my bathroom floor, painted stuff, and I’m getting ready to build a screen porch and deck in my backyard (party at my house when it’s done!). Of course, this hasn’t left a lot of time for music.

Last month, I went to the home of the lovely and talented Rachel McKibbens for a writing get-together with over 30 other women and I got to break out all the old DJ gear again. It was the first time I’d loaded it all up in my new car, and it fit just fine. Being able to play music and listen to poetry and make people laugh and have fun, well, I’d really missed it. Being out in the beautiful weather on a deck with tiny lights hanging from all the trees – it was magical, really.

I keep having ideas for musical projects, and I keep them under my hat because I know how bad I am at following through. But I think more and more these days that there is so much amazing poetry out there and if you could add music to it, it could open up new audiences to something they mistakenly think is all stuffy, or boring, or shouty or whatever. Not songs, per se, but spoken word with music. Sort of like what Carl Hancock Rux did, but without the singing part (he’s a really talented guy). There are people who’ve never heard of Rachel, but they see something like her video for what’s referred to as “Last Love” – and are knocked out. Poetry, not in a book, but just as significant and maybe even more effective for people who don’t read poetry books. Thinking on this.

In other news, I made a mix. I called it the “Commuter Mix” because it was for my husband to listen to on a long commute (wow, creative, right? *sarcasm*). I put it together in a different way so I have to reformat it for the web, but I’ll finish that up tonight and post it in the mixes area. Go listen to some mixes now – I know you haven’t listened to them all!


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