I’m still here.  I’m just working on stuff.  House stuff, mostly.  But I’ve also been working in the studio from time to time, and also arranging my computer environment (I’m becoming less platform-agnostic as I go along).  It’s tough, though, because you invest money in software that runs on a certain platform and it’s cheaper to upgrade than to try and change to a different OS, so it looks like my music will be Mac based for the forseeable future.  But I’m integrating the others, slowly.

The CD encoding is never-ending.  The record encoding is nowhere in my future.  Well, amend that – the only record encoding is on a sporadic basis.  It’s mostly a case of “I have this on vinyl and I want to listen to/use it on my digital devices so I will encode it.”  So it continues.

Today’s CD encoding observation – Ministry’s “With Sympathy” is like finding out your mother was a hooker before you were born.  You still love her, but you’re a little bit embarrassed – and you think yeah, she actually looked hot back then.   Also, Ministry is next to Mister Scruff in my CD collection – I think that’s a lovely statement about my musical taste.

How are things in your neck of the woods?  *kisses*


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