When I updated the gigs page today, I realized how much I’d slipped on the web page lately.

To be fair, my life has been pretty busy in the last six months or so, and especially in the last two.  I met a wonderful guy who has become a huge part of my life.  I adopted another dog (a rescued Westie) which brings the pack to four dogs (I think I’ve reached my limit, just because I want to make sure they all get good attention).  So I’m busy at home.

Musically, I upgraded my DJ software to Traktor Pro 2 (the upgrade price was ridiculously low) and now I’ve got four virtual decks which includes all kinds of options for those decks (looped samples, midi) that I haven’t even scratched the surface of yet.  With the new software I decided I had to have the Korg Zero 8 mixer to control all those decks (my old interface could only handle two decks).  Now there’s a lot less wires on my tables at the Cantab and so many options that weren’t available before.

Now, I’m trying to find the time to make some mixes before the National Poetry Slam comes to Cambridge in August.  I’m really excited about this, and hope to have new mixes for people when they get here.  I love my poetry friends and look forward to seeing them here this summer.

So that’s what’s up in my world.  Drop me a message and let me know what’s up in yours.  🙂  Have a great summer!


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