Oh, yeah….

by DJ Muse

..I forgot to mention – I have a new monthly. It’s the poetry thing again. This time, it’s the 7 Hills Poetry Slam in Worcester. Next one is February 8th (Sunday). A featured poet, an open mic, a spotlight feature and a slam. I play in the middle of all that stuff. I’ve been reconfiguring my live gear so it’s a bit more streamlined and I don’t have to dismantle my studio every time I got out to play. Enter the new gear!

So now I’ve got new gear with fully midi mappable surface. I’m working on tweaking it to have more control with Traktor beyond the standard midi map for it and find myself using more of the creative functions (like looping and cue points). Having the buttons rather than having to click everything makes a huge difference. I guess I’m just a huge nerd at heart.



Something New!

by DJ Muse

So, after much hibernation, I’m starting a new DJ thing.  I call it “thing” because it’s a strange animal in a unique location – the T.E.S.L.A. space at 97D Webster Street in Worcester, MA (my hometown!).

This will be nice because many moons ago I did a weekly downtempo/leftfield gig at the old Java Hut location in Webster Square and met a lot of wonderful people who are still good friends.  There was a vibe about those old gigs that I haven’t had since, and I think this could be the place to get something like that going again.

This is still very fluid, but it’s going to happen on Wednesday nights, shooting for a start around 7:30pm or so (did I mention this is very new and still not all nailed down yet?).  Come on down to hang out and listen to some music that you might not have heard before and learn about what the people running this wonderful resource are up to – you might be amazed at what we’ve got right here in our own backyard.

Drop me a line if you want more info.


…and it was good.

I’ve got the sets from the Floating World AfterCare gigs up on my mixes page. I’ve got the more uptempo, fun water volleyball set from Friday night here and the more downtempo, laid-back Saturday night set here.

Enjoy…I know I did, and so did everyone else in the pool and nearby those nights. It was an amazing time and I can’t thank Skully from the NYC Fetish Tribe enough for the opportunity. I look forward to working with him again in the future.


Back to life…

by DJ Muse

…back to reality.

I had a marvelous time at Floating World this weekend. I’d like to say a HUGE thank you to the NYC Fetish Tribe, who put on the AfterCare pool parties on Friday and Saturday night. We had an idea going in what we wanted, and as is my usual case, I adapted to the mood of the crowd. Friday’s party was intimate but not too crowded. There were a lot of people playing – think water volleyball in birthday suits – and that night’s set reflected the mood. Saturday’s set was more crowded (everyone was ready for some after care at that point) and hewed more to the original intent – sultry, smooth and relaxing. Suitable music for floating in the water or getting a massage poolside. I recorded both sets, and need to do some editing (a program hang after the laptop upgrade and different hard drive speed on the first night) and then I’ll post the sets here.

I got so many compliments and happy smiles that I’ll be riding this high for a while. One of my favorite aspects of being a live DJ is when I feel like I’ve connected with people and helped them enjoy the occasion. This time I definitely got all that and made some wonderful friends, too (Skully gives the most awesome squeezes!). There are likely to be more parties like this in the future, and I look forward to those opportunities. As I learn about them, I’ll share them with you.

Thanks again to everyone who made my weekend so amazing. Especially the one sending me love from half a world away and sharing my Sunday sunrise. The world looks amazing with you in it.


Yes, things are happening here in Muse-land. I’ve got two gigs during the Floating World event.  I’ll be playing downtempo/chillout sets as part of the “AfterCare” parties from 3-5A on August 22 and August 23 (late night Friday and Saturday).  For a long time now, I’d hoped to find a way to combine my fascination with fetish and my love of music and being a DJ.  This is the first chance I’ve had to put my own stamp on an event, and I feel like it’s a perfect fit.

This event is closed to registration – they actually sold out all 1200 admissions (yes, it’s that big) two weeks before it started.  Sorry!  But if this goes well, it might lead to something else in the future.  If you’re going to be there, some see me in the pool area of the Sheraton (private party open to Floating World attendees only) and enjoy the laid-back, lovely grooves.

Don’t forget, I’ve got Atman – a DJ Muse Mix for you to listen to as you’re going about the last of your summer.  It’s great music for an evening relaxing on the back porch or with your sweetie.  Personally, it makes me think of Germany.  *smile*

As always – thanks for listening!

~ DJ Muse