In my entire life, there has been a constant. For me, this constant is music.

No matter what good or bad things might befall me, I always have music. In the last week, things have changed for me in a substantial way, and I don’t think I’ll ever be the same. For the first time, though, this loss has left me feeling like in the end, I am coming out of it better off rather than worse. Usually this is the point where I’m broken up and hating myself, and I realize now that there’s no need for that. The fault lies elsewhere, and I need to accept that. I’m trying to hold on to the good things, to be who I was meant to be, and to know that there is good waiting for me out there somewhere. It just wasn’t where I was looking, that’s all.

The music related element – I’ve got a new mix in the making. I’ve finally started diving back into my records, recording them and thinking toward a new mix, and wanting to make it something happy and house-y and jazzy and perfect for someone who lost a job, or a love, or what feels like part of their life. No matter what it feels like you might have lost, you always have something to hold on to. For me, it’s music, and I’m holding on to it for all I’m worth.

Stay tuned for the results.


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