…and I’m having fun.  February means Valentine’s Day, and the Erotic Poetry Reading at the Cantab lounge.  That means the Slam Master and her DJ sidekick dress up in sexy clothes, interact with the poets more than usual and generally have an awesome time.  The erotic poetry was sometimes even erotic – but also hilarious (oh, Christopher Kain, you are a puma!) and awkward and just a great time all around.

I wanted to make a mix for the night, but with the snowmageddon that never happened, the crowd was definitely off (for the Boston Poetry Slam, that means there were chairs for everyone).  This mix is tentatively titled “Romance?” and I’ll have it to hand out next week at the reading.  Consider it my apology for leaving you for a week (I won’t be there February 24th) as I head off to ski in Colorado.

Stay tuned, and as always, thanks for listening!


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